How to downgrade your Mac from macOS Mojave to High Sierra


How to downgrade from macOS Mojave to High Sierra?

If you have upgraded your system to macOS Mojave and don’t like the changes in system configuration, you may roll back from macOS Mojave to High Sierra. There is not a specific time liabilities for downgrade, you may do it whenever you want by following some steps. However there are many ways to downgrade your Mac to High Sierra but Time Machine is the most simple and convenient way to do that. If you have a backup created right before you upgraded to Mojave, you can restore to that backup and be running High Sierra more quickly. Here, we will provide you a step by step guide to come back from macOS Mojave to High Sierra.

Before start downgrading your Mac, we suggest you to create a backup on Mojave so that you can restore it in case something goes wrong. But , you may also proceed without backup if you don’t have time and space.

  • In order to downgrade, first connect your “Time Machine Drive” on your Mac.
  • Power off your Mac.
  • Power it on and hold “Cmd + R” until Recovery Mode Opens.
  • Now, select “Restore From Time Machine Backup” and the click “Continue.”




  • Select the backup source if you have more than one Time Machine Drive.
  • Select the Time Machine Backup that you created just  before upgrading to Mojave. The chooser will show you the operating system version. Look for macOS 10.13 or another macOS 10.13.x number.
  • Pick the backup you want to restore from and click “Continue.”
  • Now choose the hard drive you want to restore to. In many cases this is known as Macintosh HD

After following above given instructions, your Mac’s hard drive will get erased and it will restore the backup. This process may take some time, and you will not be able to use the Mac during this. As this process can be time taken so make sure your Mac is conned to power supply.

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