What are the best ways to backup data on your computer


In this digital era, people are using computers to store their important data such as photos, videos, documents and more so that data can be stored safely for long time. But a computer hard drive may fail at any point of time or a software error could remove your important files. In such a case, if you are not taking backup of your computer daily, you may lose you important files. To avoid your important data lose, you may create a backup of your computer hard disk. If you want to know about the best ways to backup your computer, here we will brief you about this.

However, there are many third party services are available that may help you to backup your computer data but here we will explain you about NAS drives, external drives and cloud drives that you may easily use to create your system backup.

NAS Drive:

Backing up your data with NAS Drive is one of the most reliable ways to create data backup. NAS systems are networked appliances that contain one or more storage drives, usually arranged into logical, redundant storage containers or RAID. Network attached storage (NAS) is a convenient way to centralize all your backups in a single place. Moreover, you need not to connect it every time you want to create a backup.  In order to create backup using NAS drive, you require a best NAS drive that you may decide from the NAS drive manufacturers.

External Drive:

External drive is an affordable, easily available method to create a backup of your computer data. You may just back up to that drive using your computer’s built-in backup features such as File History, Windows Backup and Time Machine.  Many people use external devices to keep their computer data stored. Unlike NAS drive, you may connect the external drive with one computer at a time. But external drives are portable and their data can be easily transferred to another external drive.  Finally, if you have a large data to store, external drives might not suitable because you may not expand external drive memory.




iCloud Storage Service:

Most of us are already familiar with some iCloud services including Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud and Dropbox. With these iCloud storage services, you may backup your files and folders. Additionally, they encrypt your data and keep it synced with your locally saved copies on your computer. In case your hard disk fails, you still have your files and folders on your iCloud storage. However iCloud storage comes with fix storage but you may purchase more storage to expand its data storing capacity. This is one of the easiest and fastest methods that protect you against all types of data loss.  If you want to store a large data, you need to pay for upgrading the storage capacity.




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