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How to share your mobile or computer screen dur...

August 20, 2019| Reading Time: 3 minutes

How to share your computer or smartphone screen using Skype? Skype is one of the best video or audio-conferencing tools available for both smartphone and computer. With every update, Microsoft…

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5 best free Video Conferencing Software of 2019

March 6, 2019| Reading Time: 6 minutes

Video conferencing is an essential part of every business to increase its global workface. Video conferencing meetings may change the way that remote employees work and how they are involved…

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How to add or cancel subscriptions for Skype

September 14, 2018| Reading Time: 2 minutes

Skype is the most known audio and video call making platform offered by Microsoft. Although, it is available for free to make calls over internet, you need to purchase subscription…

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How to record and save calls on Skype

September 7, 2018| Reading Time: 4 minutes

Microsoft’s Skype is one of the most popular and convenient apps that help you to connect with your family and friends. Skype is used for both personal and professional purpose….