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How to Hide Drives in Windows 10

May 12, 2018| Reading Time: 8 minutes

Learn Different ways to hide Drives in Windows 10 If you are sharing your Windows 10 computer with others, you may be concerned about people accessing your personal data such…

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Top 15 Best Windows 10 Themes of 2018

May 11, 2018| Reading Time: 9 minutes

15 Best Windows 10 Themes You should Try! Windows 10 is the latest version of windows and it has most advanced features, functionalities and themes.  If you want to give…


Microsoft‘s Windows 10 “Your Phone”...

May 9, 2018| Reading Time: 3 minutes

Microsoft announced the “Your Phone” application at its Build developer conference in Seattle Microsoft OS may not be there for mobile phones but the tech giant is finding ways to…

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How to convert a PNG file to JPG file

April 30, 2018| Reading Time: 2 minutes

How to convert a PNG file to JPG file ? Are you looking for any direct way to convert your PNG file to JPG file? There are countless applications available…

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Top 10 Best Antivirus Software of 2018

April 29, 2018| Reading Time: 13 minutes

If you surf internet a lot, it is quite possible that your PC may be exposed to malicious files. This may result in getting you some malware or viruses, unless…