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How to Hide Drives in Windows 10

May 12, 2018| Reading Time: 8 minutes

Learn Different ways to hide Drives in Windows 10 If you are sharing your Windows 10 computer with others, you may be concerned about people accessing your personal data such…

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Top 15 Best Windows 10 Themes of 2018

May 11, 2018| Reading Time: 9 minutes

15 Best Windows 10 Themes You should Try! Windows 10 is the latest version of windows and it has most advanced features, functionalities and themes.  If you want to give…

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How to disable CPU throttling on your iPhone

May 10, 2018| Reading Time: 4 minutes

Latest iOS 11.3 has a feature to disable device throttling to save the battery Recently, Apple released iOS 11.3 with new features to improve and stream line iPhone. The most…

Microsoft is launching a $25 million program to use artificial intelligence to create better technology for people with disabilities. Recently, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella the new “AI for Accessibility” effort…


Now Linux apps are supported on Chrome OS

May 9, 2018| Reading Time: 3 minutes

Chromebooks will soon be able to run Linux applications Google chrome is always considered as best browser for all devices because it has facile and user friendly interface. Google always…